Since 2004


Windwave has specialized in fiber optic installation and deployment, installing long haul, metro, and last mile fiber optic cable throughout Eastern Oregon.

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We are a completely self-sufficient fiber optic company, and our crew is one of the most experienced and established fiber optic installation companies in Oregon. Windwave has refined the installation process, so that we are highly efficient at engineering, permitting, installation, splicing, and terminating fiber optic network cabling. As a result, we can provide your business the quality of workmanship and network you require.

Our integrated approach to quality begins in the earliest phases of the project, and continues through to completion. From our post-construction walk-throughs to final audit, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality product and service available. The Windwave difference is our ability to confidently deliver results on a consistent basis. Our obsession for continuous improvement has inspired us to develop some of the most progressive and accurate installation processes in our industry.


Providing fiber optic technology to our schools, hospitals, and communities to improve the education of our children, the safety and health care of our citizens, and the advancement of economic development.